Registration is open for Spokane’s National Night Out

This year it's August 6
Registration is open for Spokane’s National Night Out

If you haven’t already registered your Night Out party, now is a great time to start planning to get your neighbors together for a “get to know you” party!

Spokane C.O.P.S is sponsoring “Night Out Against Crime,” but it could just as well be called “Get to Know Your Neighbors Night.” It’s a great way to strengthen or start a Block Watch.

Neighborhoods across the country will put on picnics and block parties to send a message to potential criminals that they know one another, watch out for each other and support community-oriented policing. Taking ownership in your neighborhood and knowing who belongs there and who doesn’t cuts down on crime, police said.

Deadline for registration is July 26, 2019.

To register for a Night Out party in Spokane, click here.

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