Registered sex offender accused of watching women in TJ Maxx bathroom

Rashad Clarke
Credit: Washington Dept. of Corrections

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — A registered sex offender has been charged with voyeurism for reportedly watching women in the bathroom of the Spokane Valley TJ Maxx. 

Police arrested 29-year-old Rashad Elijah Lee Clarke after he admitted to being in the bathroom. 

A woman told police she had been at the store on Thursday and heard a large amount of movement coming from the stall next to her. According to court documents, she saw Clarke looking at her with his head beyond the stall divider. 

The victim told police Clarke had a pornographic magazine with him. She said he had both hands on the ground and appeared to be in a position to push himself under the divider and into her stall. 

Court documents show the victim began to yell and left the bathroom as fast as she could. 

Police arrived shortly after and found Clarke at another nearby store. According to court documents, Clarke dropped a copy of “Hustler” magazine when police asked him to turn around. 

An officer said Clarke was wearing two pairs of pants and both pairs were unbuckled and unzipped. 

A record check found Clarke was listed as a sex offender and had two prior sex offense arrests. Police found probable cause to arrest him for first-degree voyeurism and booked him into jail. His bond was set at $10,000.