Regal Elementary’s speed cam study

Regal Elementary’s speed cam study

Certainly not all, but most drivers know that terrible feeling you get when you get a ticket. It’s overwhelmingly negative. But a class at Regal Elementary wants to change that negative to a positive.

“Speeding is a thing and it’s an issue here in Spokane,” said sixth Grader Kelsey Wallwork. “Especially in school zones.”

Make no mistake – Mr. Watts’ sixth grade class understands tickets are absolutely necessary, but after reviewing a report that indicated hundreds of drivers are getting ticketed monthly near the photo enforced areas of Longfellow and Finch Elementary, they’re not sure the tickets are doing enough.

“And so it prompted the conversation… how can we do something about this,” said sixth Grade Teacher Aron Watts

So, Mr Watts’ class polled a group of drivers. Half said tickets were enough to keep them from speeding.

“But about half said ‘if there was something positive out there to earn? I would be more apt. So what that told us – it’s missing about half the population of drivers,” concluded the teacher.

They propose the City continues to use cameras to dish out tickets, but also acknowledges the good drivers.

“Say you’ve been following the speed limit,” explained sixth Grader D’Ron Pratt. “Then you can get a gift card that says; ‘Congratulations! You’ve been following the speed limit.'”

They hope that positive re-enforcement, mixed with the City’s tickets, will be enough to keep Spokane’s school zones safe. Next week – they’ll present their study to City Council Members.