Regal Elementary students learn to code during hands-on Google class

Regal Elementary students learn to code during hands-on Google class

It was a special treat for students at Regal Elementary, a presentation on coding from Google employees. But it wasn’t your average sit-and-be-quiet-and-listen presentation, instead students were set down in front of a laptop and given the reigns to code on their own.

“I think it was fun,” said 6th grade student Elizabeth Karazhova.

Google employees taught them how to animate their own computer story, using a programming language called Scratch. Students were given guidelines to make a story using, waves, water, a boat, different characters, and then make them talk.

“You needed to break it down into small pieces to help you solve the big piece,” said student Tae Rankins. “I thought that this was a college type thing, that coding was too hard, I thought you needed the basics of middle school and high school and then go into it in college, but this was fun.”

And approachable for younger students eager to learn, while also being potentially lucrative down the road.

“Students who study computer science make up to 40 percent more than those who don’t” said Tessa Marton, one of the Google employees, “and by the times these students graduate, there will be more jobs in computer science than almost any other field.”

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)-WA 05 was also in attendance for part of the tutorial today, kicking it all off with a speech encouraging students to innovate and never be afraid to come up with new ideas.

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