Refugees share inspiring stories with Governor Inslee

Families who came to Spokane fleeing war met one of the state’s major champions for refugee resettlement, Governor Jay Inslee.

Gov. Inslee hopes to take the stories he heard Friday with him when he leaves Spokane. One family’s account of coming to America was especially memorable.

Shah Perai Mohammad Osman trekked through seven countries over a period of 11 years to find refuge in America with her four boys. Her oldest, Aziz Moltafet, was only 12-years-old when they got to Spokane to escape war in Afghanistan.

“My family wanted to escape all the terrorist organizations, all this war and stuff, so America was the only place we could find that,” Moltafet said.

Now, Moltafet is 18-years-old and about to graduate Mead High School with a 4.0 GPA. His three brothers also have a 4.0 GPA. He and his mother proudly shared that with Gov. Inslee during his visit to World Relief.

“These are people who are building our community. Spokane County is a better place because of these refugees,” Gov. Inslee said.

Moltafet and his mother represented one of five families supported by World Relief that met with the governor to highlight how refugees impact the community and how the governor can use their stories as he continues to advocate for inclusion and diversity across Washington.

“Spokane County has so much positive things going for it, but refugees are one of those things to help build this community and I’m excited about continuing that effort,” Gov. Inslee said.

Moltafet said it was an honor meeting the governor and he’s grateful to live in a state where he has support to achieve his dreams, which includes graduating from high school and getting a college degree. He plans to attend Whitworth University.

“I actually never thought I would graduate from a high school or from America especially. It feels special. It feels really special,” Moltafet.