Reflecting on Tuesday’s tsunami scare

Reflecting on Tuesday’s tsunami scare

Following Tuesday morning’s tsunami scare for our west side friends, it’s only human to consider the natural disasters that might face the Inland Northwest. While it’s safe to say we’re clear of tsunami and hurricane danger, we still have to stay alert.

“Every place you live has unique hazards,” explained Greater Spokane Emergency Management Deputy Director Chandra Fox.

However, Fox acknowledges the Inland Northwest does have certain advantages.

“I think we’re lucky, we’re fortunate that we are not impacted as often as some areas of the country,” said Fox.

You don’t have to live here long to know we’re susceptible to devastating wild fires, crippling floods, and the occasional windstorm. While these events might seem drastically different, from a planning perspective, they’re essentially the same.

“The bottom line is – it doesn’t really matter what caused the situation. We’re going to work together and do what we can to rectify the situation,” declared Fox.

For information on how to properly prepare for the worst – visit Greater Spokane Emergency Management.