Red light, speed cameras catch hundreds of Spokane drivers

Red light, speed cameras catch hundreds of Spokane drivers
Spokane's new photo-red cameras will start taking pictures of cars running red lights on Wednesday morning.

More drivers than last year were caught on camera speeding through red lights and school zones.

Between March 16th and April 19th, photo red cameras caught 1,593 violators. That’s up 345 from the same time period the year before.

That increase, though, could be blamed on construction at two of the photo red locations last spring.

The intersection at Freya and Third caught the most red light violators at 202.

Cameras in several school zones continued to catch speeding drivers, despite flashing warning signs.

The camera near Longfellow Elementary School caught 490 violations. A new camera installed near Willard Elementary caught 410 people speeding through the school zone.

Spokane Police provide updated numbers to the city’s Public Safety and Community Health Committee each month.

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