Recovering bald eagle needs your help

Empathetic Anglers? Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital looking for extra fish to feed Bald Eagle found with broken wing

After seven weeks of care at Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital, an adult male Bald Eagle is almost ready to be placed with a forever home. He was found at a landfill in Colville unable to fly and barely moving. Doctors took X-Rays and found the end of his wing had been completely broken and he had likely been scrounging for food at the landfill unable to fly.

“We brought him in gave him some medication and fed him, he was somewhat underweight,” said Veterinarian Jocelyn Woodd.

She says of particular concern was infection after the eagle’s wound had been exposed for so long.

Fortunately under their expert care, the worst was avoided and he’s been putting on weight. Because of his injury he can’t fly and won’t be able to be released. Woodd is looking to have him placed in a forever home, but after weeks of care, they are hoping fisherman in the area might be able to spare some extra fish to feed the largely pescatarian avian species.

“We are just trying to get him through the next few weeks,” she said.

She’s optimistic that the bird will ultimately find a home in North Dakota, as she’s been working with the zoo there, but it’s still an unknown.