Record heat today with a much cooler Thursday- Mark

Record Heat for the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Area

Tue Mid 12 Hrs

Here are Your 4 Things to know about Tuesday’s forecast. We are going to see record highs on Tuesday, as temperatures will approach 90 degrees. We have moderate air quality with showers coming in on Thursday before a great weekend of weather.

Tue Mid 4 Things

Record will be broken today under a sunny sky

Tue Highs

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene will see highs of 89 and 88 degrees respectively. A lot of the Inland Northwest will see highs around the 90s today.

Tracking cooler and breezy for Wednesday

Tue Wed Highs

We are tracking cooler temperatures and breezy winds in Wednesday. Spokane and Coeur d’Alene will see highs of 78 and 81 degrees respectivley

Planning your week for lots of changes

Tuesday will be sunny and hot with a record high of 89 degrees. It will be clear and mild overnight then sun to clouds on Wednesday. Tomorrow night into Thursday, we cool again with scattered showers and breezy. Friday into the weekend, it will be mostly sunny and warmer with mid-70s temperatures expected.

Tue Planning