Reardan-Edwall schools go into lockdown due to dad potentially violating no-contact order

REARDAN, Wash. — Reardan-Edwall schools went into lockdown on Thursday due to a father potentially violating a no-contact order with his kids.

According to Reardan Police, two estranged parents have three children going to Reardan schools, and the mother has a no-contact protection order against the father.

The mother told Spokane County deputies that the Dad threatened to go to the Reardan schools and pick up their kids. At around 1 p.m., the schools went on lockdown, and all students were evacuated and relocated to the Train Museum as a precaution.

Students were allowed to go home early. Students won’t be in school on Friday, as it is an in-service day, meaning no classes are scheduled.

The father of the children has not been located as of 5 p.m. Thursday