Rathdrum family safely prepares for Super Bowl; how you can, too

RATHDRUM, Idaho — Another big event impacted by COVID-19? The Super Bowl. 

If you’re watching the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with just your immediate family on Sunday, you’re not alone. 

Rathdrum resident Lynne Robinson normally has a party with her family to watch the big game. This year, they decided to forgo that, wanting to stay away from large crowds and minimize their chances of getting COVID. 

It’s not what she wanted, since it’s been about a year since she’s had any large gatherings, but she’s trying to look at the bright side. 

“It’s a little more boring than usual,” said Robinson. “It’s not as exciting, but actually, we get to watch the game and there’s less distractions and we like to watch the game.” 

If you are celebrating, the CDC has some ways to do so safely. That could mean throwing a virtual watch party. If you do decide to go to a small party, try to attend one that’s outdoors so you can socially distance and have fresh air. 

Don’t share food or drinks, and try to avoid crowded indoor spaces, the CDC says. 

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