Raptors’ Jeremy Lin first Asian American crowned NBA champ

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship Thursday night, and with their victory came a lot of exciting firsts.

The Raptors are now the first team outside the United States to win an NBA title, and NBA star Jeremy Lin, of “Linsanity” fame, is now the first Asian American ever to be crowned an NBA champ.

Now, there’s no doubt that Lin is a great basketball player. He will always be known for his hot run with the New York Knicks in 2012, when his unexpected dominance on the court kicked off a nationwide craze called “Linsanity.”

Lin’s career has been repeatedly sidelined by injuries, and he has never quite regained the momentum that led to the Linsanity days of 2012. He’s been bounced around the league and finally landed with the Toronto Raptors this year. He didn’t see much game time, however. Lin played only 27 minutes in the Raptors’ postseason run, and was basically sidelined after Game 3.

But none of that matters now, does it? He and the rest of the Raptors are headed for the history books, and fans were excited to see one of the most famous NBA faces claim a historic title.

Lin tweeted his gratefulness after the game. “God is perfectly the same through the highs and the lows,” he wrote. “Anyone who knows me knows I’ve believed this through all the down times, and He’s just as good at the mountaintop rn!”