Rape suspect’s prison tattoo could be key evidence against him

SPOKANE, Wash. – A rape suspect’s prison tattoo could be key evidence against him. 

Daniel James Magee, who has a lengthy criminal history, is now charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping.

Court records say Magee approached a woman near a bus stop on Wellesley and asked how her day was going. She replied, asked how his day was and he reportedly said “It’s going to get a lot better.”

Court records show Magee displayed a gun and told the victim to follow directions so she would not get shot. He is accused of taking her to an alley nearby and making the victim perform oral sex on him.

‘”The case has a lot of concerns in the community right now. The bus is her primary source of transportation. She is worried about her safety, and the safety of the schools as well,” a victim advocate said in court.

After the alleged rape, the victim went to a nearby gas station to call a friend and call 911. She was immediately taken to the hospital for a rape kit.

The victim was able to describe the suspect’s clothes to police. She also told officers the suspect had a tattoo that said “curiosity” on his penis.

Police gathered surveillance footage from the scene of the crime and dispersed photos of the suspect. The suspect was seen wearing clothes, including a green bandana, which the victim identified in her interview.

Police posted photos from the footage on Facebook and they were dispersed through news reports. A confidential informant recognized the suspect and contacted the police. 

Officers identified Magee as the suspect and quickly took him into custody. Court records show he admitted to having a tattoo that matched the description the victim gave. Court records show he did it himself in prison and it is for “curiosity killed the cat.” 

Magee also told officers that he had a green bandana and was wearing it because it was cold outside. 

A search warrant was executed on a car and apartment tied to Magee. Court records show officers found clothes that matched what the suspect was wearing in surveillance footage and a gun that matched the victim’s description. 

Magee has a lengthy criminal history. When he was recently arrested, there was a Department of Corrections warrant out for his arrest related to a robbery case. 

He first entered DOC custody in 2006. He was released into community custody in 2011 but was taken back into DOC custody several times for violating the terms of his release from early 2012 until he was re-incarcerated in 2013.

Magee was again released to community custody in 2016, but was taken back into DOC custody in June 2021 to fulfill the rest of his community custody supervision after being extradited from Idaho upon his release from incarceration there. 

He was then released back to community custody in July 2021 and was under supervision until a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to report on June 8, 2022. 

Some of his previous convictions include burglary, indecent exposure and theft. Magee has also done time in Idaho for drug and weapons charges in Kootenai County.

Magee appeared in court Thursday on his new charges. His bond has been set at $500,000. 

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