Ramp meter coming to Highway 195 & I-90 interchange

Ramp meter coming to Highway 195 & I-90 interchange

North bound drivers on Highway 195 will soon have a new light to stop at before merging onto eastbound Interstate 90.

The Washington Department of Transportation has been installing a stop-and-go ramp meter on the Highway 195 on-ramp to control the frequency with which vehicles enter the flow of traffic on the freeway.

WSDOT uses ramp meters to reduce collisions and decrease travel times for commuters.

Most ramp meters allow only one vehicle through each green light, creating a 4 to 15 second delay between cars entering the highway.

Officials say the delay helps reduce disruptions to freeway traffic and reduces accidents that occur when vehicles merge onto the highway.

The existing Highway 195 northbound to eastbound I-90 is a single lane ramp.

Prior to the ramp meter turning on, drivers will see a sign that states “Ramp Metered Ahead When Flashing”.

When flashing, the ramp becomes a two-lane ramp and drivers will need to form two lanes as indicated by the sign “Form 2 Lanes When Metered”.

Drivers will pull forward up to the white line, or stop bar, to trigger the ramp meter. If the light is red in for your lane, stop at the white line. When the light turns green, accelerate and merge onto the freeway.

Drivers are released one car per lane by alternating lanes on the green light.

The ramp meter is expected to be operational by spring of 2019.