Rainbow sidewalks could be coming to Spokane

Rainbow sidewalks could be coming to Spokane
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Councilwoman Kate Burke is working with several local community groups to bring rainbow sidewalks to the City of Spokane. The sidewalks would be a community art project in celebration of Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community.

Burke told KXLY 4 the city will not allow rainbow crosswalks, similar to those on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Instead, those working on the project settled on sidewalks.

The painted sidewalks would be semi-permanent, but Burke said that depends on the contract permit they get from the city. She added that there will be requirements on the types of paint that can be used. Burke said they also have support for partnerships with the Downtown Spokane Partnership to help with upkeep like power washing.

Burke said she has worked with staff to do a pilot for the sidewalk art. The nonprofit or business applying for the permit would be the one paying for the installation, and they would have to get a signed agreement from the building owner and tenants of the property where the sidewalk sits.

Councilman Mike Fagan told KXLY he believes there are other top priorities that should be addressed before the sidewalks. He issued the follwoing statement:

If the vast majority of the citizens want rainbow sidewalks and crosswalks in District 1, they would be pounding on our communication mediums to let us know. However,….they are not.

I can assure you that rainbow sidewalks and crosswalks are the furthest things from their minds right now.

The citizens in District 1 want their streets in good repair, they want the police to respond to their property crime issues, and they are screaming for the city to do something different with a part of our approach to the homeless issue.

No one in District 1 has approached me to ask for this type of artwork. The top priorities in this District have been the same for years; Infrastructure & Public safety period ! 3rd & 4th priorities in this District may change from year to year dependant upon alot of variables.

Burke said the project is already in the works and will start as soon as someone applies for the permit.

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