Rage Xscape opens for safe, supervised smashing fun in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Rage Xscape is the ultimate vandalization destination in Spokane.

Smash rooms, also know as rage rooms, are popping up all over the world for individuals to release the stressors of life.

And now, as of Sunday, June 6th, there’s a place for it here in the Inland Northwest.


Owner of Rage Xscape, Kitten Rose, says the joy of letting out your frustration and not having to clean up the mess is a very rewarding experience.

She and her three teens started this journey to open rage rooms after watching ‘Instant Family’.

She says there is a scene where the adopted teen got to be destructive and through the demolishing was able to let go and process feelings.

They decided to give it a try for themselves — and it worked!

Rose says her family’s mood was better and it was fun with the only exception that they had to clean their own mess.

They thought more individuals needed to experience this — minus the clean up.

Rage Xscape has two rooms to rage out in, a throwing lane, and guests are welcome to sign the walls!

The business also hosts events for team building, couples therapy and even birthday cake fight parties!

Just be prepared to sign a waiver, wear close-toed shoes and get geared up in a suit, helmet and gloves.

Rage Xscape is located at 122 S Division St.

Hours are Sunday through Thursday 9am-10pm and Friday and Saturday from noon to 1am.

All packages for you to browse are listed on the Rage Xscape website.