Raffle win sending Spokane couple to Super Bowl XLVIII

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Super Bowl XLVIII tickets vo

Spokane residents John and Karla Shasky won tickets through a raffle and are now heading to the Big Apple for the first time to watch the Seahawks take on the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

“I can’t believe I won it,” John said.

For John, it’s a chance of a lifetime and a bucket list item that will soon be checked off.

“I just kind of lost it a little bit, it’s huge, it’s a wonderful thing,” John said.

The couple just got their tickets in the mail.

“It really hit me last week when the tickets arrived for the game and I find out where I’m sitting,” John said.

Along with the two tickets, the Shasky’s also won airfare and a hotel stay through a company raffle in early December.

“Scroll down and there is my name. It was just shock. I never win anything like that,” John said.

John’s been a die-hard Hawks fan for three decades.

“There’s been a little pain and agony along the way, the 90’s were dark,” he said.

But the dark days are behind and now John has just one thing on his mind cheering on his team to their first Super Bowl victory.

The couple leaves Spokane for New York Friday morning, though their flight to Super Bowl XLVIII does have to make one stop … in Denver.