Quaranteam raises more than $70,000 to feed Spokane children

SPOKANE, Wash. — A lot of children will have fewer worries when it comes to lunches during the summer, because of help from a member of the Spokane Quaranteam.

Rick Clark is a foodie-philanthropist who’s part of Quaranteam, whose mission is to help children who don’t always get enough to eat.

His latest project was raising money to buy food from food trucks to give away to kids on summer break, which not helped the kids, but the food truck owners too.

Clark’s goal was to raise $33,500 to feed 100 kids. He more than doubled that amount, raising $70,000.

Every Friday in the summer, food trucks set up in the parking lot of Sun City Church, in the 10,000 block of East Sprague in Spokane Valley to give that food away.