Put The Happy Back In Your Holidays: How to sign your family’s name on a Christmas card

Put The Happy Back In Your Holidays: How to sign your family’s name on a Christmas card

This holiday season, frustrations can pile up almost as quickly as those Christmas cards. Well-meaning families sending you their best, but on the page, not their best writing. Misspellings… poor grammar… and apostrophes… Oh my!

We wanted to make sure you don’t get judged this holiday season, so today we turned to the expert.

“Grammar god, grammar nazi, grammar guru, I’ll take them all,” said Robert Archer. Archer is an English teacher at Shadle High School. He says the holidays can be a difficult time for grammar lovers like himself.

“Not a very happy time for English teachers. It’s Not a happy time for grammar folks,” he said.

And there are a lot of mistakes to be made when writing those Christmas cards. You may misspell “merry,” or use the wrong “your.” and let’s please sign those last names correctly. As Archer points out, there should not be any apostrophe when using your family’s last name.

Just add an “s” to make it plural. If your name ends with an “s,” add an “es” to the end and problem solved.

And it’s not just Christmas cards that can ruin a grammar master’s holiday.

“Even when I’m listening to Christmas songs on the radio, it can become frustrating for an English teacher,” said Archer.

Remember how someone out there just wanted their two front teeth? Archer points out an error in the song’s chorus “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”

“All can be either singular or plural. In this case it’s talking about more than one teeth, so really, it should be are,” he said.

You’ll never hear that song the same again.

While you can’t rewrite the Christmas classics, you can use correct grammar to avoid the judgment from friends and family.

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