Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays: Gift wrapping presents

Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays: Gift wrapping presents

When it comes to the holiday season, you might think of family and friends, a big Christmas tree, and a lot of presents underneath.Those presents, however, don’t wrap themselves. While many may default to gift bags, we looked into how to wrap presents for those who might think the process is too daunting to attempt.

“You could do what my older brother did and wait for your sister to come home and have her wrap the presents for you,” said Victoria Ferro, owner of Audrey’s Boutique.

Or you could try it out yourself. The biggest thing local wrapping experts want people to know is it’s really not that difficult to wrap at home. All you need is scissors, wrapping paper, tape, and you can get a gift wrapped in a matter of minutes.

First things first, box your present. Wrapping a box over an odd-shaped object, like clothes or toys, will make your life a lot easier.

Next, add a little pizzazz with some tissue paper.

“It just kind of makes it a little more special, so when the person who’s getting it opens it up — it’s just you know, it’s all in presentation,” Ferro said.

The tissue paper will also help protect the item you’re gifting.

“You put your item in and in this case, this is a vest, and you want to make sure that the top of the vest is there so that they can kind of recognize what is going on,” Ferro said.

Next, comes the wrapping paper. A tip from the professionals when buying gift wrap, while there are cheaper options for paper, they suggest spending a couple extra dollars on quality gift wrap. It tends to be thicker and less likely to tear.

“I like to buy wrapping paper that has grid marks in it – because then I can follow the lines real well,” Ferro said.

There’s a technique to how you wrap your box as well.

“I turn the box upside down, because I want the seams to be at the bottom of my box, I can line the box up with the grids on the paper, and I just fold it over,” Ferro said.

Put a few pieces of tape to seal, then fold the sides in, and you”ve got a wrapped present. To keep things fun, you can even add a bow.

“I do a loop through that twice some people call that a Baker’s knot,” Ferro said.

Tie it back over and you’ve got a present ready to go under the tree. If you’re not so crafty with bows, you can also purchase stick-on bows and ribbons at the store.

If you’re still not feeling confident in your wrapping abilities – you can visit stores that offer wrapping services like Audrey’s Boutique, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.

You can also visit gift wrapping service shops like Kandy Kane Wrap at the Spokane Valley Mall, as part of Gospel Lighthouse Church’s annual fundraiser. They’ll be there all holiday season long during mall hours, wrapping gifts of all sizes for a fee. All money raised from gift wrapping will go straight back into the church. Fees range from $2 for small items to $25 for oversized gifts.

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