Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays: Floral arrangement tips from local business owners

Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays: Floral arrangement tips from local business owners

Their handy-work can be seen right now on the tables at The Tin Roof and their approach is simple, cater their designs to the personality of the person receiving the arrangement.

“For holiday flowers, its about connecting all your different senses,” said Viktoriya Kukharskaya, co-owner of Anthesis. “Its almost like a mini Christmas tree on your table.”

She recommends for folks looking to build their own arrangements to not over think it, pick out flowers and other additions like pine branches, twigs, pine cones that you like, that define Christmas to you.

“Add a lot of love, make it what you want it to be, what it means to you, because at the end of the day, what homey means and what holidays means to you is personal, so put your own touch on it,” she said.

She says when it comes to building an arrangement they are two parts to it.

“Most arrangements are two-sided. One side will have a personality and the other will be more hued and subtle,” she said.

The advice: start with the center, but note that it doesn’t have to be a flower.

“It could be a pomegranate, or another fruit,” said Lina Ulyanchuk, co-owner of Anthesis. “Find your focal point and then after that focus on your secondary and the base, and then add the accents of what makes it unique.”

She says consider accents like ornaments, or faux-birds to make the arrangement pop.

Another option, add pine branches and twigs, easily found in your backyard and that really emphasize the end of the year mood.

If you want to take your arranging to the next level, think about decorating with your whole house’s style in mind.

“For South Hill vibes, we would go for more gold and royal with deep reds and lush greens to incorporate more the historian side of things,” said Ulyanchuk. “If you have a large chandelier, we don’t recommend a large arrangement because it will compete in height.”

To keep your flowers fresher for longer she advises keeping them out of direct sunlight and watering them frequently.

If you aren’t quite the DIY’er and prefer to have your arrangements done for you, you can learn more about Anthesis by clicking here to go to their website.

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