Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays – Budget-friendly, easy decorating hacks

Relatives are arriving in town and the pressure is on to make your house look picture perfect. The task can feel overwhelming especially on a budget. Don’t feel like you have a knack for decorating? Impossible!

Denielle Waltermire-Stuhlmiller, owner of Spokane Valley’s Simply Northwest says decorating does not have to be expensive and you do not need a degree in interior design to impress your guests. Over the years she has trained dozens of employees who, unlike her, haven’t helped decorate a tree for Christmas Tree Elegance and has come up with hacks to make decorating for the holidays easier.

If you haven’t begun already, she says to start with picking a theme.

“If you have a vision to as you go in to decorating, that will help guide the process,” she explained.

Simply Northwest has one this year– the great outdoors, rustic and red trucks. When it comes to bringing it to life on a mantle, Denielle recommends grouping items together.

“We’ve even got the two different sizes that will help bring dimension to your display and really help to pull it all together.”

Garlands are pretty but tricky for anyone. To make yours look the very best, Waltermire-Stuhlmiller says fluff out the branches before to give it a fuller look, then make sure it is secured well.

“I actually use the simplest things to keep my garlands attached and it’s thumb tacks.”

For extra security, wrap some of the garland around the thumb tack.

“To take a display from just great to wow is adding some accent pieces,” she added.

Denielle uses burlap poinsettias to stay on theme, but recommends lights or extra ornaments, which brings us to the all important tree!

“As you are placing the ornaments, you don’t want to clump them together.”

Stagger, so you can see them all. Also, take a step back once and a while to make sure it’s looking good from all sides! Adding a garland or ribbon? Don’t wrap it straight around.

“I always envision an ice cream cone top, the ice cream. That’s how you want to wrap. Start at the bottom and slowly get to the top ,” she explained.

And when in doubt, add more lights!

“This time of year, I believe you can’t have too many lights. It adds that extra sparkle to any tree or display,” added Denielle.

If you don’t want to dip in to your pocketbook, use some of those extra ornaments to create centerpieces. Stick a bunch of colorful balls into an old vase to glam up your table. Pick a few, light ornaments to hang from your chandelier.

Add festive touches to any display, centerpiece and chandelier by taking pieces of your tree and adding them to it! Cut branches off from the back or stop a local tree farm and ask for some of their throwaway pieces.

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