Put the Happy back in your Holidays: Apps to help manage your Thanksgiving shopping list

Put the Happy back in your Holidays: Apps to help manage your Thanksgiving shopping list

KXLY4 News is putting the happy in your holidays this year.

Grocery stores across the country are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. With thanksgiving less than a week away, the clock is ticking to buy all the ingredients you need for the big dinner.

We’ve all been there once or twice – you scribble some notes on a grocery list, you get to the store, then you realize you forgot the list. Now you’re missing some key ingredients for your dinner menu.

But, did you know there are some phone apps that can help save the day and maybe even an extra trip to the store?

Here are three apps you can take advantage of to help keep track of your shopping list:

The first is called Yummly. What’s great about this app, you can not only keep a grocery list of what you need, you can also get recipe suggestions by just entering what ingredients you have. You can also share your list with others, so if you need to send someone back to the store, they readily have your list.

The second is called Out of Milk, also a free app. What’s cool about this one, you can have several lists at once. You’ve got your shopping list, pantry list and a to-do list – so you can multi-task. The list can also keep track of how much your shopping list costs. That way, you can also budget your shopping before you go overboard.

The third app is called ShopList. It’s a very simple app, where shopping lists can also be shared among family members working to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. What’s unique about this app, you can separate each item by category, to help make navigating the store a bit easier.

All three of these apps are free, and you can find them in the app store on your mobile phone. Happy shopping!

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