Pullman releases WSU football game day parking guidelines

Pullman releases WSU football game day parking guidelines

Thousands of Cougar fans will descend upon Pullman on Saturday for WSU’s home opener and nothing will sour a Cougar victory faster than a parking ticket.

So to help you leave Pullman on a good note, the city has provided guidelines to make your parking experience as enjoyable as possible.

The City of Pullman enforces all State and local parking laws during game days and special events. Here are some of the most common parking issues during those events:

–Parking in a residential “permit required” zone without a parking permit
–Parking in a posted “No Parking” area
–Parking on a residential lawn
–Parking blocking a public or private driveway (also a towable offense)
–Parking with the left wheels of the vehicle next to the curb
–Parking in a handicap parking space without a permit (also a towable offense)
–Parking adjacent to a yellow curb

These parking laws are strictly enforced during special events because they cause potential safety hazards to drivers trying to access residential areas.

There are several bus routes operated throughout the City on game days that access Beasley Coliseum and Martin Stadium. You can contact Pullman Transit for more information 509-332-6535.