Pullman partygoers can now face fines for violating pandemic restrictions

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PULLMAN, Wash. — Pullman partygoers found violating pandemic restrictions will now be subject to possible tickets.

According to Pullman Radio, the Pullman City Council approved an update to city code on Tuesday allowing police to ticket partygoes for violations. Previously, only party hosts could be ticketed.

Pullman Police have issued 22 tickets to party hosts for holding large gatherings and not abiding by social distancing protocols.

Chief Gary Jenkins told the city council that party hosts have been collecting a cover charge to pay for pandemic violation tickets, which cost $250. Those found violating mandates multiple times are subject to higher fees.

The decision to expand city code comes as Whitman County has seen a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases. Prior to students returning to Pullman in mid-August, the county had fewer than 200 cases. As of Wednesday morning, the county has had 1,066 cases, with the overwhelming majority being diagnosed in young people.

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