Pullman breaks record for coolest October 13th

PULLMAN, Wash.– It might only be about halfway through October, but the temperatures are dropping quickly this year.

It was so chilly in fact, Pullman may recorded its coldest Oct. 13 on record at 43 degrees. It beat out its previous record of 44 degrees which was set in 1969.

Spokane came close to breaking its record but didn’t get cold enough. Its record for Oct. 13 was set in 1881 and is 36 degrees. However, this year’s temperature takes the silver at 40 degrees.

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Some parts of the Inland Northwest even saw some snow flurries. The trace amounts of snow at the Spokane airport tied a snowfall “record” from 2017.

It is set to warm up this weekend into the 60s, evening out the much colder-than-average temperatures we started the week off with.