Pullman mayor sets sights on downtown expansion

Pullman mayor sets sights on downtown expansion

Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson gave his state of the city address Tuesday, discussing strategies to renovate downtown, the airport runway realignment project and his plans for a new welcome sign for the city.

Johnson noted the new five-story building downtown called the Evolve on Main. It will offer space for more than 80 apartments and a retail area located on the bottom floor.

Another downtown change he mentioned involved the currently closed and fenced-in Subway, where renovations are taking place and the owner plans to expand into the old barbershop next door.

Johnson and WSU President Kirk Schulz are co-sponsors of the Town-Gown Collaborative, a partnership between the city and the university. They plan to create a group called the “Vibrant Downtown Association” to help usher in the changes coming to Pullman.

“This community has a lot of things going for it,” Johnson said, “and we’re so grateful for all of that.”

Johnson discussed progress on the runway realignment project for the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, and said the city opened bids for asphalt and soil relocation as the final stage of the project.

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