Pullman ballplayers finally get the diamond they deserve

Pullman ballplayers finally get the diamond they deserve

KXLY 4 and your Hometown Chevy Dealers are at it again this week turning old baseball diamonds into fields of dreams, with the first field up to bat the Upper Quann Field at Pullman’s Military Park.

The field has long been neglected, is full of potholes, rocks, patchy grass and virtually no seating for fans.

“We’ve never had a good quality field to play on,” volunteer Zachary Fredrickson said. He’s been haunting these grounds since he was a kid.

“It’s been a soccer field. It’s been several different fields. It was a baseball field at one time that never really got finished,” he added.

But in all of its incarnations it was never the field the kids of Pullman deserved.

“It was a pretty rough track. Big rocks. Really, really, really rough, weeds, it was really tough,” Mike Hayton, president of the Pullman Youth Baseball Association, said.

The local baseball scene is thriving, with their number of players up from the last three years, but they haven’t had the facilities to properly field two full teams. That’s changing this week.

“You know I’m really anxious to see what their reaction is when they come from what it was last week when we had practice to what it gonna look like today. I’m really kind of anxious but I think they’ll appreciate it,” he said.

With the help of the Extreme Team and dozens of volunteers, they’ll complete the project in under four days just in tonight for Monday night’s game.

“I think the future’s pretty bright for baseball here in Pullman,” Hayton said.