Public impeachment proceedings begin Wednesday. Here’s what to know:

Public impeachment proceedings begin Wednesday. Here’s what to know:
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A preview of this week's impeachment hearings.

On Wednesday the eyes and ears of the nation will be on the public testimony in the impeachment inquiry today, the first of the proceedings to take place before the American people.

The public hearings start this morning with Bill Taylor and George Kent testifying together.

How can I watch?

4 News Now will be carrying an ABC News Special Report for the duration of the hearing. If you can’t sit in front of the TV, you can stream it here.

Who are the witnesses?

Bill Taylor is the top US diplomat in Ukraine. His behind-closed-doors testimony was among the most significant so far in the investigation. In his opening statement, Taylor corroborated many of the claims made by the intelligence community’s whistleblower.

George Kent is a career State Department official and currently the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs.

Who’s asking the questions?

The hearing is taking place before the House Intelligence Committee and will be led by its Democratic chairman, Representative Adam B. Schiff, as well as his Republican counterpart, Representative Devin Nunes. However, staff lawyers are likely to be the ones asking the bulk of the questions.

What will the hearing look like?

First, each party leader will have 45 minutes to question the witnesses. Both Nunes and Schiff are expected to yield the majority of that time to their committee lawyers. Then the rest of the lawmakers on the committee will have five minutes each.

What’s next?

The next hearing is scheduled for Friday, when Marie Yovanovitch will testify. She is the former US ambassador to Ukraine and still works in the State Department. She was ousted from her ambassador position earlier this year because of what she saw as effort led by Rudy Giuliani and his associates to remove her.