PUBG launches on Xbox with performance issues

PUBG launches on Xbox with performance issues

The massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched on Microsoft’s Game Preview program Tuesday. While being on the Game Preview program means it’s a work in progress, early reports indicate the poor performance of PUBG falls short of expectations.

PUBG is not and was never meant to be a powerhouse of graphics. The game itself is a nail biting shooter focused on intense multiplayer action set in an open world. As with all competitive shooters, frame rate is everything because you need to be able to react in a split second, and frame rate seems to be the core issue at the moment.

Digital Foundry did an in depth comparison of frame-rates while playing the game and found that playing the game on the Xbox One X were consistently below its 30 fps cap, and gameplay on the standard Xbox One at times so terrible it was borderline unplayable.

In their test Digital Foundry set up a small squad on the same server and noted an average of 27.6 fps on the Xbox One X with only 25.6 fps on the base console during a 22 minute game, and noted “very little consistency overall.”

While the average seems decent there are many times the frame-rate dips to 20 fps or below. “An extended journey across the landscape in a jeep can play out smoothly enough,” wrote Digital foundry, “meanwhile, entering a house, opening a toilet door and exchanging fire with a lurking assailant can see frame-rate dip to 20 fps for no reason we can readily come up with.”

Forbes reports frame-rates were at their worst in the lobby and during the initial plane ride and landing areas well before the shooting started. Performance did tend to even out once in the game, however not to the point where it was considered good.

Draw distances were noted to be noticeably better on the Xbox One X with CNET reporting instances of the draw distance on the standard Xbox One being so bad that while driving a vehicle objects popped into view split seconds before they crashed into them.

“PUBG is indeed enhanced for Xbox One X, and although we’ve only had time for a cursory comparison, the improvements are substantial,” confirms Digital Foundry, “additionally, foliage draw distance also gets a big, big boost on Microsoft’s 4K console.”

Overall it’s far off from the standards expected with console games, but it’s important to note its PC counterpart is not without its fair share of issues as well. Both titles are currently in an early-access form and are constantly being improved and optimized.

For now however, it appears the Xbox One X is much more capable of playing the console version with notable performance issues present in both.