Providence vaccine clinic helps speed up vaccinations in Spokane

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington has used nearly 80% of its vaccine supply.

The state is making the most out of the supply already in hand, and now 60,000 Johnson & Johnson doses are arriving in the next few days.

Today, we were at vaccine clinic run by Providence Health where 1,500 people in Spokane are getting their first dose this week. Every appointment and clinic like that gets Washington closer to the goal of 45,000 shots per day.

Right now, the daily average is around 37,000, bringing us closer to normalcy.

Each day it gets a little easier for people in Washington to get vaccinated from COVID-19. Clinics like the one at Providence certainly help.

“Very organized, they made it very simple,” said Al Shustoff. “Everyone is very polite and helpful.”

Shustoff and his wife Heidi aren’t 65 years old yet, but they still qualify for the vaccine because they take care of his 95-year-old dad.

So they wasted no time getting their line of protection from this virus.

“With my dad moving in, we felt it was the best thing for us to get the vaccination so we didn’t have to worry about getting my dad sick,” Shustoff explained.

There’s also some peace of mind for this couple to see their soon-to-be grandkids once they’re born in a few months.

“We feel better about being around [the grandkids] knowing we’ve got the vaccine and they haven’t gotten it, obviously.”

Washington and the rest of the country now have another tool to fight COVID-19, with the approval of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose shot.

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“I wouldn’t pick one [vaccine] over the other for any particular individual at this time,” said Spokane Teaching Health Clinic internal director, Dr. Caitlin Allen. “There’s not enough data to suggest one would be better for certain population than others and honestly the more people we can get vaccinated the better

Bringing parents like Al and Heidi closer to hugging their loved ones.

Vaccinations are also rolling along at the Spokane Arena still. You won’t be able to schedule an appointment there for a couple more weeks as they focus on second doses. Currently, they are rotating—four weeks of first-dose appointments, then four weeks of second-dose appointments.