Providence introduces new Memory Cafe program to aid those with dementia

Dementia is a condition known to rob people of their memories. With this in mind, one innovative program in Spokane is hoping to support those whose memories are fading.

Like millions of others, Warren Walker is struggling with the diagnosis of cognitive impairment. His doctors say he has a 50/50 chance of slipping into full-on dementia in just ten years.

“Most of the time I can’t bring up yesterday very well,” said Walker. “There’s chunks of my life I can’t remember.”

Introducing: Providence’s Memory Cafe. The program provides space and refreshments for people suffering from mental decline.

The group meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the Providence Adult Day Health Center in north Spokane. Participants say those meetings are a break from the stress, confusion, and loss of what they are going through.

“We don’t hide the fact that we have problems,” said Walker. We talk about it, we deal with it, we help each other.”

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