Providence Health not seeing surge in patients, hospitals ‘prepared to handle worst-case scenario’

SPOKANE, Wash.–Providence Health left no room for uncertainty on the matter; hospitals in Spokane are prepared to handle coronavirus patients.

There are more than 600 beds just at Sacred Heart Hospital, and they could add even more there, including ICU units, if necessary.

Providence Health wouldn’t tell us how many ventilators are on hand among their two hospitals, but they said they have enough to handle the “worst case scenario.”

The hospital confirmed capacity is not an issue right now, and the same can be said about protective gear.

“The last thing we want to get into is where you have caregivers and staff that don’t have enough PPE gear to care for high risk patients, and I feel we’re not there,” Dr. Dan Getz of Providence Health said.

Two pairs of gloves, a “level-two” gown, a N95 respirator mask, a face shield and a hair cap.

That’s everything hospital staff must wear just to treat COVID-19 patients.

“We can use a mask up to five times as long as the integrity isn’t compromised,” Christa Arguinchona of Sacred Heart Hospital said.

The masks are the only thing reused because they’re covered by a face shield.

The gloves and gown are disposed after use.

They only use N95 masks when a patient needs something like a breathing tube put in.

Otherwise, they can use a simple mask.

Right now, 15 people in Spokane County are in the hospital with COVID-19.

Many of those patients just need routine care and a normal bed.

Others may need a ventilator to help them breathe.

Once you help a patient with that, it allows the rest of their body to recover a little easier.

In general, many people who test positive for COVID-19 may very well not experience symptoms and can just self-isolate at home.

The coronavirus patients released from Sacred Heart must stay home and be symptom free for 14 days before they’re recommended to go back into the community.

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