Providence adding two physicians for kidney and pancreas transplant services

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Providence will be expanding its kidney and pancreas transplant services for patients who need them.

Providence is adding two fellowship-trained transplant physicians to its team. Dr. Nasir Khan and Dr. Nathalie Jeane are two physicians who specialize in care for patients with late-stage pancreas disease or kidney failure.

The two doctors are part of a team at Providence Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Center. The center helps patients through their care journey.

Nasir Kahn Md Director Kidney Pancreases Transplant Hires

Dr. Nasir Khan

Credit: Providence

Nathalie Jean Md Kidney And Pancreas Transplant Hires

Dr. Nathalie Jean

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“This is great news for our community because it means we can help more people waiting for an organ transplant,” said Dr. Rebecca Mallo, Providence Medical Group chief medical officer. “Providence has one of the most successful transplant programs in the nation because of our experienced, diverse care team. We are excited to see it grow with the addition of Dr. Khan and Dr. Jean.”

Khan is now the director of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s kidney and pancreas transplant medicine program. Khan went to college in the U.S, but then went to Australia to practice emergency medicine before returning to the states to focus on internal medicine and transplant nephrology. He was also an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas Medical School’s kidney transplant program.

Jean is a fellowship-trained physician who completed her training with the University of Chicago’s transplant program. She is on the American Board of Internal Medicine and has practiced medicine for 20 years.

Less than 200 hospitals in the country have multi-organ transplant services. One of which does allow these services is Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Providence is the only one with transplant services of its kind between Seattle and Minneapolis.