Protecting your information on Cyber Monday

Protecting your information on Cyber Monday

Tech experts are sharing safety tips to keep you safe before your Cyber Monday shopping spree.

Specialists say you need to be extra careful if you’re shopping on a mobile browser, like on your phone or tablet. That’s because scammers can create fake websites that look just like the real thing.

If you use an app to shop, make sure it’s one of the verified ones from the company you’re buying from. There are fake apps that use malware to steal your personal information.

Your email inbox will likely be flooded with great deals, but watch out, because some of those unsolicited emails could bring you to a phishing website.

When it’s finally time to make your purchase, double check the URL has a valid HTTPS connection with a lock symbol. That will help ensure it’s a secure and safe connection when you enter your personal information.

Finally, use good security habits, including hard-to-guess passwords, along with two-factor authentication.