Prosecutor: Suspect in officer shooting hoping to post bond so he can ‘do it again’

SPOKANE, Wash. – One of the men accused of shooting a Spokane Police officer is now accused of threatening to do it again. 

Ray Wynecoop and Isaac Ott face multiple charges, including attempted murder, in the shooting of Officer Kris Honaker. 

Both men were in court Thursday as a judge considered raising their bond. 

Prosecutors allege Wynecoop has been calling people outside of the jail, allegedly ordering them to gather money so he can be released and shoot another officer. 

In court, prosecutors also referenced a video from the shooting. They said Ott filmed the video and the two men can be heard talking about specifically targeting officers. Prosecutors said they intentionally picked a spot known to be a popular SPD hangout. 

According to court documents, prosecutors allege that Wynecoop and Ott not only intended to murder a police officer, but they both arrived in an area where officers tend to be, waiting for the best opportunity to do so.

Prosecutors alleged the two men had a gun “at the ready” and that more were ultimately found in the car. 

“I’ve done thousands of these things and I’ve just got to say, I don’t remember seeing anything like this before where it seems pretty clear it was planned out ahead of time, victims were specifically staked out,” Judge Stine said. “Again the threat to do it again if you were able to be released, which is significantly aggravating.” 

Stine evaluated previous charges against the men, specifically Ott’s failure to appear on two charges and escape from a work release program. 

Stine ultimately decided both men are flight risks and pose a risk to the community. Their bonds were upped from $1 million to $2 million. 

Wynecoop and Ott will now be arraigned on August 9. 

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