Proposed Washington bill looks to get rid of Discover Passes

Riverside State Park
Riverside State Park
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OLYMPIA, Wash.– The Evergreen State has lots of places to enjoy the great outdoors.

Some of those places require a Discover Pass, which will cost you $30 for an annual pass or $10 for just one day. One Washington lawmaker says that’s too much for some families.

Rep. Mary Dye (R-9th District) wants to get rid of them altogether. She introduced House Bill 1824, which would do just that.

The bill says outdoor recreation makes people healthier. Not only that, but it says people who spend more time outside are better connected to the environment, which usually makes them “better stewards of our natural resources.” It says that has long-lasting and immeasurable effects on the state and the resources it maintains.

Getting rid of the Discover Pass would give everyone access to millions of acres of Washington state-managed recreation lands. That includes state parks, water-access points, heritage sites, wildlife and natural areas, trails and trailheads.

The goal of the bill is to make the outdoors affordable to everyone.

The bill states the legislature would fully find the state parks and outdoor recreation. The bill also suggests the state create a way for people to donate to state park funds when they get their Washington driver’s license or renew it.

Every year the parks do offer “free days.” That way, people without a Discover Pass can hit the trails and head outside without worrying about getting fined. You can see a list of those free days here.

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