Proposed house bill would ban studded tires by 2025

Proposed house bill would ban studded tires by 2025

Legislators in Olympia are proposing a bill this legislative session that would raise fees to purchase studded tires by July this year, and eventually ban them in Washington by 2025.

If passed, House Bill 1309 would create a $100 fee to purchase studded tires. The fee is currently $5.

The bill hopes to phase out studded tires by July 2025. This is all in an effort to help maintain roads.

According to the bill, tire studs damage hot mix asphalt and concrete pavements. Which, as a result, wears away the pavement and forms ruts on the surface. Researchers also found studded tires wear out paint stripes and raised markers on roadways.

The bill says damage to asphalt and concrete pavement on state highways, due to studded tire use, is estimated at $20 to $29 million each year.

The bill is being looked over by the House Transportation Committee.

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