Project Beauty Share collecting feminine products this month for National Beauty Drive

SPOKANE, Wash. — Something people might not think about donating for those in need, particularly for women in need, are feminine hygiene products.

Project Beauty Share is hosting a National Beauty Drive this month for a second year in a row asking for donations.

The non-profit is responsible for collecting makeup and feminine hygiene products and giving them to other non-profits and agencies that help impoverished or abused women.

This year is the organization’s 10-year anniversary as well, so for the beauty drive, they’re trying to raise $10,000 and collect 10,000 pad and tampon products by May 31.

Right now, they have a little over 10,000 products, but are only at about $4,000 in monetary donations.

Founder and Executive Director of the organization, Julie Farley, said during COVID-19, donations are down about 50% for them overall while the demand for these products have increased among agencies who help women in the community.

“For instance, The Salvation Army is serving 200 people on a normal week, now they’re up over 750,” she said. “So many people are slipping into poverty and need these items so they’re calling us seeing if we can supply more products.”

While Project Beauty Share receives donations from across the country, it’s been difficult for them to collect local donations because local collection sites are closed right now.

“We want the women in the shelters to know that we care. We want to inspire women all across the country that this is a need,” said Farley. “Yes, food and shelter is super important. But also dignity and hope and self-confidence. What that one lipstick or that mascara provides, it’s priceless.”

To find out how you can donate, visit their website.

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