Program to help reduce shelter stays for dogs working with Spokane Humane Society

Program to help reduce shelter stays for dogs working with Spokane Humane Society
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Being in a kennel can be traumatic for a dog, but at the Spokane Humane Society, they are hoping to change that.

This weekend, they are hosting the “Dogs Playing for Life” program at their shelter. Experts with the program travel around the country, teaching volunteers how to use play groups for pups to better assess them and reduce things like kennel stress.

Director of the Spokane Humane Society Sheila Geraghty said, just hours in, they’ve seen big improvements with their dogs, including some they previously thought could not be around other dogs.

“This event with Dogs Playing for Life will help our dogs with maybe a little bit of behavioral issues or have been deemed dog reactive, to not be that way anymore and to kill that stigma that they can’t be around other dogs,” said Geraghty.

Often times, it’s the anxiety of being in a new environment that gets dogs the label of unfriendly, thus making them harder to adopt out. In the 200 shelters Dogs Playing for Life has traveled to across the nation, they’ve been able lower the length of stay in shelters from years to weeks for some dogs.

Other local agencies like SCRAPS and Spokanimal were invited to attend.

The Spokane Humane Society plans to make these play groups a part of their every day routines.

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