Professional soccer could come to Spokane if downtown stadium is approved

SPOKANE, Wash. — High level soccer could be returning to Spokane.

The City’s very own team would be playing in a new stadium downtown. Spokane County Treasurer Michael Baumgartner will hold a meeting alongside the United Soccer League’s Chief Operating Officer, Justin Papadakis, Tuesday morning, to discuss the idea of bringing the team to the City as well as design concepts for the stadium.

In a statement, Baumgartner says the USL understands that the stadium would prioritize local high school sports, but is excited about the possibility of bring “big-time professional soccer to the Spokane Area.”

Discussions about building this downtown stadium have been going on for nearly two years. Spokane voters say the real kicker is they don’t actually want the stadium to be built downtown. They would rather see a new school sports stadium build in Northwest Spokane.

It’s a stance Baumgartner says would be a big mistake.

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He says tax payers could save at least $2 million in construction costs if the new stadium is built near the Spokane Arena. Baumgartner believes building downtown would also provide a new path for professional ranks for Spokane’s young athletes.

Spokane tax payers, parents and school board members are all invited to attend the meeting at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday in the Wonder Building to discuss future plans and stadium design concepts.