Professional organizer shares 3 tips to create your child’s study space

SPOKANE, Wash.– Working from home isn’t just for parents. Soon, Spokane students will be doing the same thing as the school year starts with remote learning.

4 News Now got some expert advice from Spokane mom and professional organizer Katie Regelin, founder of Order Restored. She shared three tips for families looking to set up a space for kids to learn from.

1. Find a good fit: Look for a space in your home that fits your child’s learning abilities and other needs. Regelin said younger children will often be better off on the main level of a home, where they can be supervised, where teens may benefit with a more private space as they learn through video conference calls.

2. Organize the space: Regelin said now is a great time to throw out old papers and discard clutter. She encourages her clients to uses bins, baskets and boxes to organize each student’s paperwork and supplies.

“Start with a clean slate, whether it’s your work stuff from last year, your kid’s homework,” Regelin said. Get rid of all the things they don’t need.”

3. Rely on what you have: Parents don’t need to rush to the store to buy the fanciest desk or cutest storage basket. Regelin said that oftentimes, parents have the supplies they need at home already. You can re-purpose some of it into your child’s learning area.

“People think they need to go out and buy a lot of new things,” Regelin said. “Use what you have. Keep it really simple.”

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