‘Pretty spectacular’: Extreme Team to update baseball field on Fairchild Air Force Base

FAIRCHILD AFB, Wash — On Thursday, Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team will be updating the baseball field at the Fairchild Air Force Base.

Right now, T-ball teams and baseball teams commute to Cheney or Medical Lake to use their fields for games and practices.

“They’re trying to fit so many teams on the Medical Lake field, the Cheney High School field. There’s not enough slots, and so our games go pretty late,” said Kirstina Flower, a volunteer coach and resident of Fairchild AFB. “It’d be pretty nice if our kids didn’t have to be out until 8 o’clock at night playing because there’s just not enough space for them.”

The field is overgrown and currently not usable.

“Well, you know, COVID has been tough for folks and so our efforts have been to get people out of the dorms, get them out of the houses,” said Col Cassius Bentley. “Great days like this, have a park they can go to and hang out.”

They’ll be restoring the field to playable shape, sand and stain dugout benches, sand and repaint picnic tables and add new engineered bark for the play structure in the park.

“I’m excited. I grew up on a diamond, and to know that my kid will have access to one right here that’s open full-time, 24/7 to youth and other ages is pretty spectacular,” Flower said.

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