President Trump: Washington death was a ‘medically high risk patient’ in her 50s

Morning news briefing from CNN

*Editor’s note: Though President Trump said the coronavirus patient who died was a woman, the Washington State Department of Health later clarified the person who died was, in fact, a man.  

In a press conference on Saturday, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence addressed the first confirmed coronavirus death in the U.S.  

*According to President Trump, the woman who died in Washington state was a “medically high risk patient in her late 50s.” She passed away overnight. 

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Trump there are currently 22 coronavirus patients in the U.S., four of which are very ill. 

“Additional cases in the United States are likely,” Trump said, “but healthy individuals should be able to fully recover.”    

Pence announced they are imposing a travel ban to Iran, and advised people not to travel to Italy and South Korea.  

“Now is not the time for panic, now is the time for preparedness,” said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a chief medical correspondent.