President Donald Trump, democratic leaders make statements regarding border security

President Donald Trump, democratic leaders make statements regarding border security

From the Oval Office in our nation’s capitol, President Donald Trump took to TV networks in an effort to address the government shutdown and border security.

In his first-ever prime-time address, Mr. Trump explained that illegal immigration is a “crisis of the heart and soul” and a cycle of human suffering. He outlined his proposal that would increase resources for border patrol agents, improve technology for detecting illegal items and build the border wall. Mr. Trump added that the $5.7 million wall would pay for itself, citing that the cost of illegal drugs entering the U.S. every year amounted to more than $500 billion.

He also said the wall would be paid for by the recent trade deal with China. Mr. Trump explained that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), along with other democrats, had repeatedly supported a physical barrier on the U.S. southern border, but when Mr. Trump was elected, he says they “changed their mind.”

As Mr. Trump’s statement ended, Speaker of the House and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) opened by explaining that “the president has chosen fear, and we want to start with the facts.”

Pelosi addressed legislation that had been passed in Congress to re-open the government but that Mr. Trump had vetoed in an effort to “waste billions of dollars on an ineffective wall.” She also accused Mr. Trump of holding the safety and well-being of Americans hostage.

Schumer echoed similar statements, explaining that the U.S. “doesn’t govern by temper tantrum.” He also explained that both democrats and republicans want border security, but added that it needs to be separated from the government shutdown.

You can see the full speech below from our Facebook page.

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