Preparing for the morning commute

Preparing for the morning commute

Snow overnight made Thursday’s morning commute difficult for many drivers.

“The biggest issue of course is ice on the road, especially early in the morning before its been treated,” said Washington State Patrol Sgt. Jason Davis.

Slide-offs, spin outs and collisions threw a wrench in morning drive time, making many late for work.

“My philosophy : When you’re driving everything has to be done slower, the lane changes, the acceleration, that’s all got to be done slower and more gradual,” Davis said.

Spokane County does have a snow plan in effect.

Road crews are working every day, from 4:00 a.m. to midnight.

Keep in mind that clearing major roads and emergency routes is going to be a priority.

Residential roads fall lower on that list.

If you live in a residential area, and your neighborhood roads are still icy, it might be because of ice floors.

They’re formed when the temperatures drop really low and are difficult for crews to tackle.

This time of year, being prepared for anything is especially important.

Keep your car stocked with emergency supplies like extra blankets, food and a flashlight, just in case.

“You don’t realize how extreme it is. and most people think “Oh, I’ll never be in that situation, where you’re out here, your car wont stop and you’re cold,'” Sgt. Davis said.

If you know of an especially problematic snow spot, contact the city.

You can report a snow concern by calling (509) 755-CITY (2489).

You can also check out the city’s snow removal progress map to see how the roads look on your commute. You can find that HERE.