Preparing for icy winter weather

Preparing for icy winter weather

An incoming storm is bring freezing rain, sleet, snow and eventually rain to the region. The main concern Tuesday into Wednesday is the freezing rain.

The potential of ice accumulation will make roads slick but it will also cause some other problems.
The best time to prepare is right now.

Up to a half inch of ice accumulation can cause isolated power outages, snapping tree branches and downed power lines.

Once ice accumulates to more than an inch, widespread power outages are likely.
Any more than an inch of ice could cause damage to infrastructure and extended power outages.

Most of the region should expect ice accumulations of less than a half an inch, but some spots, especially counties under the Ice Storm Warning, could see nearly an inch. With the complex nature of this system it’s best to prepare for the worst.

Get your home ready in case of a power outage. Put together an emergency kit in your house.

canned foods
bottled water
disposable dishware
medications & baby formula
warm clothing
extra blankets
matches & firewood
fully charged cell phone

If you live in an area expecting heavy ice accumulation, travel is strongly discouraged. If you must head out on the roads pack a flashlight, blankets, food and water in your car.