Prepare your home and yard for a busy yellow jacket season

Prepare your home and yard for a busy yellow jacket season

Rescue! Smarter Pest Control has called Spokane Valley its home for close to 40 years. It all started with a fly trap and now a good amount of their efforts focus on yellow jacket traps. While their products are shipped throughout the world, all assembly and manufacturing is done at their Sullivan Road headquarters.

When it comes to making yellow jacket traps, the last few years for them have been busy ones for the company. Locally, experts at Rescue! said the number of yellow jackets in 2018 was among the highest they’ve seen in recent years, and based on what Spokane Valley residents are reporting back, this year could be the same or worse!

Customers have been capturing more queen yellow jackets than expected for the early portion of the season, a trend that will once again spike up in the coming days and weeks. For that reason, Rescue! said it isn’t too late to start preparing your home for the rest of the summer.

Capturing queen yellow jackets can prevent thousands of worker yellow jackets from joining her, thus plaguing your backyard barbeques and pool days.

The company offers serval ways to get rid of pesky yellow jackets. One of their popular traps lures yellow jackets in thanks to the smell of yellow jacket food on the inside. They eventually die from the lack of resources. The trap only attracts yellow jackets and is even used by honey bee farmers, who deal with yellow jackets attacking and killing their bees. The product can be used season after season so long as the food trap is replaced.

For those who are looking for as many lines of defense as possible, the company offers an extra layer of security with their yellow jacket repellent. The organic product is the only one of it’s kind on the market and works by clipping on to your clothes. The oils inside work to fend off yellow jackets.

Rescue! said when thinking about the season ahead and repellent to grab, it’s important to also think about allergies. If you are known to suffer from dangerous allergic reactions to a yellow jacket sting — categorized by hives, trouble breathing, rapid pulse or difficulty swallowing — make sure you are carrying around your EpiPen as the season progresses.

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