Prepare for fluffier hair this afternoon because of gusty winds -Nikki

Here is your local weather forecast for March 3, 2020.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Bring out the sunglasses, for an “interesting hair day.” Today’s forecast calls for sunshine, minimal cloud cover, and breezy conditions!

Your Tuesday is looking bright. We started off our morning with sunshine, and we’ll continue to see that this afternoon. Clouds will pass through, but overall a sunny day. We are expecting a gusty Tuesday. Your hair might look a little fluffier and your hat might fly off when you’re walking outside, so remember this!

Todays Forecast For March 3

We’ll see more gusty winds this evening. Now is the time to bring in any trash cans before you find it in your neighbor’s lawn tomorrow. Temperatures in the mid 30s tonight. More cloud cover expected overnight.

Tonights Forecast For March 3

Temperatures will be well above average today. We typically see a high temperature of 44 degrees in Spokane this time of year. Today, we’ll be about ten degrees warmer. Most areas around the region will see above average temperatures. Areas like Moses Lake and Lewiston are really going to see some spring-like temperatures in the low 60s.

Keep in mind, however, wind chill will play a factor today. It might not feel as warm as the temperature reads because we are going to have gusty conditions throughout our day and into tomorrow.

Todays Highs For March 3

We are hanging onto the 50s to finish off the work week. Our region will also stay mainly dry. The sun and clouds trend will also stick around until the weekend.

Towards Saturday, we may see some wet weather.

Don’t forget, Spring Forward is happening Saturday into Sunday!


7 Day Forecast For March 3

Make it a great Tuesday! -Nikki