Pregnancy in a pandemic: Local family health educator hosts virtual Q&A

SPOKANE, Wash. — Brittany Fitzgerald is a childbirth, family health educator and a mom herself.

Through her business Infinity Family Services, she said some of her clients who are currently pregnant have expressed anxieties about hospital policies and limited visitors.

Some women might plan to have their partner, their mother and maybe a doula, a support person, during child birth.

She also said professionals like herself are concerned with the mental health of families and mothers during the pandemic as pregnancy and post-partum can already be very isolating experiences.

She said the best thing expecting mothers can do is prepare by knowing your birth priorities and philosophy, knowing your provider and location’s policy, knowing your rights and knowing your plan.

“Families have to be on their toes right now. It’s already a hard place to be to be making decisions on the spur of the moment even in labor, but to also be pregnant during a pandemic adds another layer of emotion,” said Fitzgerald. “So just having thought through each of your scenarios is going to keep you more calm and empowered when the time comes.”

In an effort to help women deal with pregnancy in a pandemic, Fitzgerald is hosting a virtual Q&A on Zoom.

In the virtual Q&A, women can come and talk through their anxieties and just have a conversation.

Fitzgerald said when she was a pregnant herself, having a connection like that was a lifeline.

“I’m also offering to just hear stories. Many people just like to tell their birth stores,” she said. “So here is a place to do that’s non-judgmental connecting with other parents in the same phase of your life and we want to celebrate with you.”

The first Q&A was May 2nd, but there are three more on Saturday, May 9th, 16th and 23rd at 2 p.m.

For more information, visit the Infinity Family Services website for additional resources or the Facebook event page to register.